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The MTN SA Foundation subscribes to the highest standards of good governance and employs a careful selection process when granting funding to projects. We use specific criteria to select projects that fall within our four focus areas of Education, Entrepreneurship, Health, and Arts and Culture.

We also invest a small portion of our budget in certain worthy projects that do not fall into these focus areas.

The MTN SA Foundation Head, management committee and board scrutinise project proposals to ensure that they meet the requirements of the MTN SA Foundation. Organisations receiving funding of R50 000 or more are required to enter into and sign a funding agreement, a requirement of which is the submission of evaluation reports at the end of each project.

Funding will not be granted in the following categories:
  • Individuals or small groups in their personal capacity (except philanthropic)
  • Travel, either by groups or individuals
  • Political parties or groups with partisan political affiliations
  • Religious organisations for sectarian activities (except projects that are of benefit the broader community)
  • Professional fundraising organisations or intermediaries
  • Institutions or bodies which are racially exclusive
  • Profit-making concerns (excluding not-for-gain)
  • Labour movements
  • Research projects
  • No direct funding to government but rather to suppliers and beneficiaries of programmes

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